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The Advantages of PHI™ Technology

When considering advanced air purification no other solution is as effective as the “IAT” PHI™. In independent laboratory tests, the IAT PHI™ has inactivation rates of over 99% in a matter of hours for the most common and deadly bacteria, viruses and molds.

Comprehensive - The IAT PHI Cell reduces not only germs, viruses and bacteria but also harmful gases, VOCs, odors, tobacco smoke, suspended airborne particulate as small as 0.3 mm (PHI+ only), which are common indoor air pollutants in modern buildings.


Fast and efficient - The efficiency of the IAT PHI Cell is much faster than ozone and UV light

Assertive - Many air purifiers only purify the air that passes through the device. This results in a large percentage of the room left untreated and unprotected. The IAT PHI Cell not only treats the air that passes through the device, but also it sends the friendly-oxidizers into the entire room for complete coverage. They are not just waiting, but they assertively attack the bacteria, gases and odors.

Safe and Reliable - Advanced Oxidation Process is based on nature’s natural air purifying process. The laboratory tests show inactivation rate of most virus at 99+%.

Low Cost - Traditional air purifiers often require frequent media change and regular maintenance, which result in high operational cost.


User-friendly - The IAT PHI system is small, compact, lightweight, easy to install and required no modification to existing HVAC systems. It also does not require regular cleaning or maintenance.

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